Exit 59 information

The state Department of Transportation is planning on reworking the area around Exit 59 off Route 15. There is a short-term project and a long-term project in the area. 

According to the department, construction on the short-term project is scheduled to begin in April 2018 and be completed in September 2019.

In summary, the plan includes relocating utility poles, replacing traffic signals,  small widths of roadway widening on the east and west of Route 69 between Lucy Street and Pond Lily Avenue, adding sidewalks on the west of 69, creating a pedestrian island at the intersection of Pond Lily and Route 69. Also, the Southbound on-ramp's alignment will change from a yielding right-turn to a signalized turn onto the on-ramp.

Read the State DOT press release describing the project

Exit 59 short term plan image

Short-Term Exit 59 Information, presented May 3, 2016

Long-Term Exit 59 Information, presented Oct. 18, 2016 to the Board of Selectmen

Heroes Tunnel Information, presented Sept. 22, 2016