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Memorial Bench Application Form

  1. Memorial Bench Program Description
    Woodbridge Parks and Recreational Fields are special places for many people. The Town of Woodbridge offers a Memorial Bench program to accommodate requests to honor the people or organizations that have made a difference in our community.

    To Request A Memorial Bench:
    The purchase and installation cost per bench must be paid in-full by the individual or organization requesting the Memorial Bench. Upon approval of application (including any inscription text) and receipt of payment, the bench will be ordered and installed by the Town's Public Works Department. Please allow 3 to 4 months for delivery and installation after payment is received. Once accepted, the donated bench becomes the property of the Town of Woodbridge. The Town reserves the right to modify (including to repair, remove or relocate) any memorial bench as needed.

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  3. Pricing
    Bench options: 6 foot bench -- $2,800; 8 foot bench -- $3,100. Pricing includes plaque. Pricing is subject to change.
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  5. Plaque Requested*
  6. Plaques measure 2" by 10" and are centered flush on the top front slat of the bench. Inscriptions can be up to four lines, with an approximate limit of 56 characters per line (including spaces). No graphics or logos allowed. Verbiage must be approved by the Town.
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