Field Use Policy/Procedure

As Approved by the Recreation Commission
  • Field requests for Spring usage are due by January 1st and will be voted on at the January Recreation Commission meeting
  • Field requests for Fall usage are due by June 1st and will be voted on at the June Recreation Commission meeting
  • Certified rosters must accompany the request. Any roster that does not contain at least 50% Woodbridge residents will be charged $50 per field, per up to 2 hour time slot, $100 per field, per up to 4 hour time slot, and $200 per field for all day usage.
  • Certificate of Insurance is required.
You may submit your field request and certified rosters to the Recreation Department via:
  • Email 
  • Mail to:
    Woodbridge Recreation Department
    11 Meetinghouse Lane
    Woodbridge, CT 06525
    Attention: Jim Franco