Fire Marshal

The office of the Fire Marshal is overseen by the Board of Fire Commissioners and receives its authority from the State of Connecticut. The Fire Marshal is responsible for the enforcement of many of the sections found in Chapter 541 of the Connecticut General Statutes.


The Fire Marshal:
  • Approves and issues permits for special activities (high school bonfires, and fireworks displays)
  • Approves designs and inspects renovations for commercial and educational buildings
  • Conducts annual inspections as required
  • Conducts fire investigations
  • Conducts hazardous material inspections
  • Inspects for certificates of occupancies
  • Inspects for health department license renewals
  • Inspects large gathering places (places of worship, country clubs, community centers)
  • Leads fire prevention classes
  • Observes commercial oil tank removals
  • Performs liquor license inspections