Community Gardens

The Woodbridge Community Gardens, located at the “Fitzgerald Tract,” have been in existence since 1975. 

The parcel was purchased by the Town of Woodbridge in 1973 “for maintenance of appropriate portions of it as open space and wetlands and for other portions of it as a reservoir of land for future public buildings and/or recreational facilities.”

Only Woodbridge residents may rent community garden plots.  To rent a plot, please fill out and mail or drop off the application form with a check to Woodbridge Town Hall, 11 Meetinghouse Lane, Woodbridge CT 06525.

Application process


  • Woodbridge Community Garden plots are available to Woodbridge Town Residents ONLY to be used for gardening.  (Out-of-town gardeners as of May 2017 are grandfathered in.)

New and renewing gardeners:

  • All gardeners must fill out the application.
  • New gardeners may apply to rent a maximum of two garden plots. (Current gardeners with more than two plots are grandfathered in. The Woodbridge Community Gardens Committee (WCGC) will have discretion over how many plots to rent per person.)
  • If sharing a plot with another individual, both gardeners should sign the agreement.
  • Returning gardeners will be given preference. New gardeners will be assigned plots in the order in which they become available and will be notified at that time.
  • Applications may be filled out at any time, but returning gardeners must renew by March 15 or risk losing a plot. New gardeners will be assigned plots between April 1 and July 1. Applications that come in after July 1 will be put on a wait list.

Plot assignments:

  • Sub-letting of garden plots is NOT permitted.
  • Gardeners who are renewing for the next garden season may request to change plots by filling out the New and Returning Gardeners Form.

Gardening procedures

Plot/Garden use

  • If there is a question regarding the boundaries of your plot, please contact the Woodbridge Gardens Committee. The Town reserves the right to post plot numbers on your plot.
  • Non-organic pesticides and herbicides are prohibited.
  • Non gardening related item or items not related to enjoying the garden are not permitted. Permitted items include chairs, water receptacles, compost bins and the like.
  • Chemical pesticides and herbicides are PROHIBITED in Woodbridge Community Gardens.  Only organic gardening techniques and organic compounds may be used to control pests and weeds. Gardeners found to be using non-organic chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers will lose their gardening privileges. For more information on organic gardening techniques please refer to NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) Land Care Standards for further information.
  • Be a good neighbor to your fellow gardeners. Do not exceed your own garden boundaries. Be considerate when using water, hoses, mulch, fencing, etc. Please remove unwanted or unnecessary items from your plot(s).
  • Neglected plots are a potential source of weed seeds and pests and contribute to a ragged appearance. Gardeners who habitually neglect or abandon their plot will forfeit their privilege to rent a plot during the next garden season. Neglected plots may be cleared and/or re-rented if the gardener does not take appropriate action within two weeks of notification by the Woodbridge Community Garden Committee. If you plan to be on vacation for an extended period of time, please ask a neighbor gardener, relative or friend to care for your plot in your absence. If you wish to discontinue using your plot, please contact the Woodbridge Community Gardens Committee via Town Hall at 203-389 3400.
  • Gardeners are responsible for their own tools.
  • Sprawling crops are to be avoided out of respect for neighboring gardens.
  • Trash receptacles are available on the site.
  • Best organic practices with respect to disposal of invasive species are encouraged. Please refer to for invasive plants to avoid planting.
  • Manure and wood chips purchased by the Woodbridge Community Garden Committee may be used at the gardens only.  They may not be removed from Woodbridge Community Gardens and please do not take more than your fair share.


  • No hoses or sprinklers are permitted since the water supply is limited. (Water from a nearby pond is pumped into a holding tank and then it is gravity fed to the spigots surrounding the gardens.)
  • After use, all faucets must be turned off and the Woodbridge Community Garden Committee should be notified if there are leaks in the faucets.
  • Water conservation is encouraged, including through the use of organic mulch.
  • Potable water is not available.


  • Cars are not permitted in the paths between plots, except to pick up or drop off supplies.
  • If you see a problem on the grounds, such as a fallen tree, possible need for removal of a tree or water leaks, please contact the Woodbridge Community Gardens Committee to report the problem.
  • Garden brush, weeds or cuttings must be put in “compost” areas. For weed suppression, gardeners are encouraged to use biodegradable mulch such as straw, biodegradable mats, wood chips, etc. Materials that do not readily decompose, such as carpet, black plastic, etc. are discouraged.
  • Trees may not be planted without prior approval of the Woodbridge Community Garden Committee. Existing trees are grandfathered in and may not be removed unless approved by the Town after a recommendation by the Woodbridge Community Gardens Committee.
  • Security is not provided. Please keep an eye out for your neighbor’s crops as well as your own.
  • Gardeners will designate three of their members to serve as the Woodbridge Community Garden Committee for staggered two-year terms to perform the functions designated in this document. The committee shall report to CUPOP annually or more frequently as needed.
  • Town will collect WCGC dues and establish a budget for such.