Volleyball League Standings

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Sand Volleyball Court  
The Sand Volleyball Court at 50 Woodfield Drive is now closed  for the season.   We will resume permits on April 15th.   COVID-19 rules must be followed while using Town athletic fields:   Equipment is not sanitized; use at your own risk.  Permits are available.  Call the Recreation Department Office at 203-389-3446 for more information.  No permits on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Those nights are set aside for the volleyball league.
Sand Volleyball Court

Contact the Recreation Department office at 203-389-3446 or email recreation@woodbridgect.org for any questions.
The volleyball league plays on Monday evenings, and standings are updated weekly.  
Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Volleyball Schedule

1.  Bump, Set, Spike  2-1
     Sunny  2-1
     Having Fun 2-1
4. Vodka Shots 1-2
     Dave  1-2
      Keith  1-2
Congratulations to Bump Set Spike on Summer League Regular Season Champions and Playoff Champions

For more information contact Jim at the Recreation Department Office at 203-389-3446 or email