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  2. The newly revised “Historic Woodbridge – An Historic and Architectural Resource Survey, Second Edition” is now available. The book costs $45 and is available for purchase through the Town Clerk’s office at Woodbridge Town Hall.
    This is the twentieth anniversary of the first edition of the book, originally published in 1995. A dedicated committee set to work in 2014 to update and expand the First Edition of the book, which traces the development of Woodbridge from its earliest days, through architectural profiles of representative buildings from 1730 to 1947. This new edition features recent color photographs of each home along with photos of some of the notable people associated with individual houses. The committee put out the word that it was seeking old photos and many people responded, including several from outside the town, including as far away as Madison and Guilford. As a result, a remarkable trove of new information was gathered. Side by side, these images of homes and their residents provide insight into the individuals who made up our small town in long ago days and helped build Woodbridge into the community it has become.
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