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Tree Donation Form

  1. Thank you for your interest in the Tree Donation Program!

    The Town of Woodbridge has identified a need for decorative trees in our public spaces. At Fitzgerald field decorative flowering trees will line Center Road.

    To Request A Tree:
    The purchase and installation cost per tree must be paid in-full by the individual or organization requesting the tree. Upon receipt of payment the tree will be ordered and installed by the Town's Public Works Department. Trees are planted in the spring or fall and timing is dependent on work schedules. Once accepted, the donated tree becomes the property of the Town of Woodbridge. The Town reserves the right to modify (including to trim, remove or relocate) any tree as needed.

    Price is dependent on tree species and availability. At Fitzgerald Field there will be one plaque for all tree donations that will be installed once all trees are planted.

  2. Tree Options
    Please check off which tree(s) you are interested in purchasing. Town staff will be in touch with you to discuss final pricing.
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