If I disagree with my assessment after a hearing, what are my options?
If any property owner believes the assessment on their property is in excess of its Fair Market Value they should first notify the Assessors Office. When this has been done, they may then appeal before the Municipality’s Board of Assessment Appeals.

The Board of Assessment Appeals will review the case and make a determination as to the disposition of the appeal. Should the property owner still feel the assessment is incorrect, they may appeal to the Superior Court for the judicial district in which the municipality is located.

All appeals to the Board of Assessment Appeals must be made by February 20th if the grand list is filed by the Assessors office by January 31st. If the town is granted an extension to file the grand list the filing deadline to the Board of Assessment Appeals is March 20th. Always contact your local Assessor’s office at 203-389-3417 with any questions pertaining to the filing dates for appeals.

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