CERC Fiscal Health Analysis

Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC)
Fiscal Health Analysis

The Board of Selectmen received the final report from CERC on February 19, 2019. The report is a narrative write-up and documentation of all the material that CERC presented at Board meetings in September and November 2018. CERC analyzed the Town’s fiscal health by examining the grand list, public services, and demographics, to see how they have changed over the past ten years. The report compares this data to both the state average and a set of comparable towns, and suggests areas of opportunity to pursue additional cost efficiencies. 

CERC Report (click to view PDF).CERC_Report_image

For additional information on the CERC analysis, see the information and links immediately below.

To help the Town of Woodbridge understand its fiscal situation and to prepare for potential future challenges, the Board of Selectmen have contracted with CERC to undertake a Fiscal Health Analysis for the Town. This analysis will consider how the Town’s current grand list, public services, and demographics have changed over time (going back ten years and more when possible) and compared to both the state and a set of comparable towns (to be determined by CERC and the Town). The Fiscal Health Analysis will also identify approaches that would help the town strengthen its fiscal health for the future.  A preliminary check-in to review data input received to-date took place at the June 13, 2018 Board of Selectmen meeting, and Preliminary Results were shared at the Board's September 12, 2018 meeting. A final presentation featuring Budget Projections and Scenarios took place a the Board's November 13, 2018 meeting, where final input was gathered in advance of the written report that is expected to conclude the project. Each presentation is available to review by clicking the links below.