Country Club of Woodbridge History

The Town purchased the Country Club of Woodbridge in 2009 when the private club was facing financial difficulty. The purchase was to “control development” of the 150-acre parcel of land.

 In 2010, the Town issued its first RFP for the long-term lease or sale of the golf course.  The Town received one response, from MDM Golf and the Town continued short-term operation by MDM.

 In 2011, the Town issued an Expression of Interest for development of active adult housing on 17 acres and the Town received two responses: West Central Enterprise and Toll Brothers. Toll Brothers would have purchased 17 acres for $2.3 million and would have built 58 townhouses. At a referendum, this was voted down.

 In 2011, the MDM contract expired and the Town did not renew it. In 2012 the Town issued an RFP for the management of the golf course and received five responses. The Town entered into a contract with Billy Casper Golf.

 In 2014 the Town published a Request for Proposals for the property and received two proposals – Toll Brothers and Rose/Watermark.

The Country Club of Woodbridge Ad Hoc Committee reviewed the Toll and Rose proposals and recommended that the Board of Selectmen seriously consider the Toll proposal because it was fiscally strong, would help the town financially in the long-term, preserves open space and address the Town's interest in housing for active adults (55+). The committee did not recommend that the BOS consider the Rose proposal unless it was in conjunction with Toll. 

Before the committee's recommendation was published, Rose/Watermark withdrew its proposal and the Board of Selectmen asked Toll for variations on its proposal.

Rose/Watermark Proposal
Rose presentation to the Board of Selectmen

Toll Proposal
Toll presentation to the Board of Selectmen
Toll Alternative WIth Golf

Ad Hoc Committee Report

Toll Cluster Housing Proposal, July 2016

In 2015 the Board of Selectmen began reviewing the history of the Country Club property and the financial implications of owning the property.

Presentation to the Board of Selectmen, September 2015
Follow-up Presentation to the Board of Selectmen, September 2015
Chart Regarding Possible Options for the Country Club, October 2015
Presentation to Boards and Commissions, March 2016