Future of the Country Club

The Board of Selectmen has unanimously identified two potential paths to pursue at this time:

  •   A proposal by Redan Reserve, LLC to buy the entire property on which it will create a “top 100” golf course in conjunction with a renovation of the nearly contiguous Yale Golf Course; or
  •  Retaining Town ownership of the property and converting it to open space (to be defined). 

How did we get here? Visit the Country Club of Woodbridge History page.)

Earlier this summer the Board of Selectmen heard three private sector proposals for the CCW (Redan Reserve, Toll Brothers and Nolan and Sheehan). The Board decided that two were worthy of further consideration and held a public informational meeting in July 2016 for residents to learn about those two proposals: Redan Reserve’s creation of a new golf course on the entire property and Toll Brothers’ active adult housing development on ~ 42 acres.

At a special Board meeting on Monday Aug. 1 2016, the Board of Selectmen decided not to pursue the Toll Brothers proposal at this time because of zoning and other concerns. Toll Brothers had said they would not go forward without approval from at least a majority of the Board.

The Board also decided not to continue golf operations at the Country Club of Woodbridge past Dec. 31, when the contract with Billy Casper Golf expires. Billy Casper had submitted a proposal for a one-year contract that would require the Town to take on the risk of the operation, an arrangement that had proven quite costly for the Town in years past.

Two Options

The Board also unanimously decided to continue looking into two options: Pursue negotiations with Redan Reserve, which has proposed buying the entire Country Club of Woodbridge property for $3.5 million. Redan Reserve would redesign the golf course to become a “top 100” golf course in conjunction with a renovation of the nearly contiguous Yale Golf Course. The proposal includes a hotel to be built on the Yale Golf Course and is contingent upon approvals from both Yale and the City of New Haven.

View the Redan Reserve proposal
View the Redan Reserve July 27, 2016 presentation to the public

The second option the Board will explore is converting the property to open space.  The Board asked for a more detailed analysis of the costs associated with such a change and maintenance needs going forward.

If the Board pursues the open space option, the Board will also have to decide how to deal with the clubhouse. 

Preliminary budget options for the clubhouse


In either scenario, the Town is responsible for environmental clean-up of the land, resulting from years of pesticide use. The Town's Licensed Environmental Professional has reported that the pesticides have not migrated and pose no health threats.

The Licensed Environmental Professional reported to the Board of Selectmen in March of 2016. View the video of that report here.

The First Selectman forwarded a letter from the State to neighbors of the Country Club to reassure them about the environmental issues.